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“Silence sometimes communicates much better than words.”

“No one sees you praying in your closet but God is there listening to you.”

”The greater the effort the better the results will be.”

“Encourage the ones who have given up on themselves to hang in there.”

“Feed your ambitions and you will not starve your craving for success.”

“Helping others in need brings out the best in a person.”

“Heavy hearts travel lonely roads.”

“Love can visit your mind but it will reside in your heart.” 

“When the waves are starting to swell it is time to man the ship.” 

“In silence listen to the voice of your heart.” 

“It is better to mind your own business than to tell others how to mind theirs.”

”Come rain or shine or snow it is time to get up and go.”

”Make a covenant with yourself to pray everyday.”

”Resentments can be overcome by humility and forgiveness.”

 “Change your attitude and your perspective will also be changed.” 

“Make a covenant with yourself to serve others in need.”

“Temptation talks to you in your own voice.”

“Teardrops can flood many eyes and soften lots of hearts.”

“Teammates who work together create greater results.”

“Taking a chance might be risky but the reward will be worth the risk.”

“Not getting into the game keeps you on the sidelines.”

“Respect is the one part of character that has to be earned.”

“Respond appropriately to a strong rebuke.” 

“Rest is the battery than generates your energy.”

“Respond with kindness to the ones who are unkind.”