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We care about the health of the people in Shawnee & Overland Park. That is why we have these helpful tips on how to keep a healthy home. Read about our awesome blogs below!

How is Chem-Dry different from other cleaners?

Featured Image When choosing a carpet cleaner, it can be very easy to think that all carpet cleaners are virtually the same. I'll admit, there are a lot of similarities between carpet cleaners. They all try to show up on time and get your carpet cleaned. But what about the solution they use? How safe is it?...


5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Your In-laws

Featured Image The holidays are just around the corner, bringing with them so many great things like food, gifts, and cheer. But the holidays bring something else as well: in-laws. If you want to minimize judgmental whispers and family drama, then you know how important it is to make sure your home is almost perfect for the holidays....


Do You Know The Real Color Of Your Carpet?

Featured Image Do you know the real color of your carpets? You probably think that you do. I mean, you see your carpets everyday, right? But is the color you’re seeing really the color of your carpet, or is the color you’re seeing actually the color of everything that’s in your carpet?...