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How is Chem-Dry different from other cleaners?

When choosing a carpet cleaner, it can be very easy to think that all carpet cleaners are virtually the same. I'll admit, there are a lot of similarities between carpet cleaners. They all try to show up on time and get your carpet cleaned. But what about the solution they use? How safe is it? What about their dry times? Will your carpet be a soggy mess for days after your get it cleaned? What about longevity? How long will your carpets stay clean after the cleaning?

Healthier Cleaning Solutions

There are a lot of things that set Executive Chem-Dry apart from other carpet cleaners. First of all, our primary cleaning product, The Natural, is 100% non-toxic and green-certified so it is safe for your kids and pets. The solution we use is carbonated which allows us to provide a superior carpet cleaning experience without using the gallons of water required by steam cleaners. In fact, Executive Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning.

Faster Dry Times

Pictures this. You're laying on your bed and your stomach starts to growl. You decided to get up and walk to the kitchen to grab a snack. As you take a step onto the living room carpet, you hear a squish. You forgot that you have just gotten your carpets cleaned and that they are still wet. Now you have an empty stomach and a wet sock. What's worse than that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing is worse than a soggy sock.

This won't happen when you choose Executive Chem-Dry. Because we can use so much less water than steam cleaners, we allow your carpet to dry faster completely in 1-2 hours. This also makes your carpets healthier because it doesn't give mold and mildew time to form in the dark, damp fibers of your carpet.

A Longer Lasting Clean

Some carpet cleaning solutions do a good job of sanitizing and removing dirt, but they leave a film behind. When your carpet has a sticky, dirt-attracting residue on it, it doesn't stay clean for long. The Natural, on the other hand, uses natural products that don't leave a residue. This allows your carpet to stay cleaner longer.